Heaven and Sydnee


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A hot serving of black booties are up on Heaven and Sydnee. These two fine ass ladies share the same qualities that would make you want to hump them both. Heaven loves the color red and she even dyed her hair with some red highlights. She also loves floral prints as seen on her choice of string bra and bikini to match. She has tattoo on her left forearm and has a fine booty that can shake for hours. Her friend Sydnee is more of the girly type of gal who knows what she wants. She loves her sky blue bikini s as it helps flaunt her nice ebony skin more.

Porche and Chanel


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The daring babes of the town are Porche and Chanel. These two round assed vixens have all the time in the world to flaunt their big tooch anywhere. Porche chooses to wear her green pair of lingerie to match her black net stockings. She just loves adding a touch of kink to her clothing. Chanel loves to let skin color pop with her choice of light colors. She wears white string thongs with neon green polka dots to add a little girly touch, and matches is with her white net stockings. These two big ass babes are up to get the town on fire.

Shai and Georgia


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If you want to add spice to your typical pool party, Shai and Georgia are the perfect girls to add on the guest list. Curly haired Shai is all hot and sexy on her red lacey lingerie and she is joined by her voluptuous girlfriend Georgia has a full sized frame, enough to cover those tight panties she’s wearing. The two girls love to play under the sun especially when a pool is just nearby to plunge in. They don’t stay in the water for too long. That’s because they want to walk around and flaunt their round figures.

Babycakes and Kelly


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Round ass vixens Babycakes and Kelly are your naughty and wild house guests. They make up a good house décor with their full round and curvy body shape… not to mention, they are very much willing to shake up a good night out. Babycakes is all oiled up and she’s giving you that inviting look to slap and grab her smooth booty. Kelly’s tooch isn’t far away from her pal as she also has this fine ass to play with. Just imagine these ass cheeks getting their shake on as they get to some hardcore pussy and ass fucking.

Natasha and Imani


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Warming up the house are Natasha and Imani. Long black haired Natasha loves colorful prints on her wardrobe… that also includes her panties and sexy lingerie of choice. She wants the touch of eye catching patterns to match her beautiful skin color. On the other hand, short and dark brown haired Imani loves to take it plain with a little color to pop out for a surprise effect. She chose to wear her favorite black and pink bra and panties to get the teasing session going. Her nice pair of panties emphasizes her beautiful round ass too, matching that of Natasha’s.

Ebony and Carmen


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We have a contrasting treat for you today in the likes of Ebony and Carmen. Up first is wild girl Carmen who has long black locks that matches her dark sexy eyes. She is no doubt a naughty one with her choice of black bra and thongs, alongside the location of her floral plant tattoo on her bum. She has smooth white skin and a round pair of booties to pair up with black girl Ebony. Dark brown haired Ebony also has long locks and a pair of tattoos on her bum. These gals sure make up a good tag team.

Jaden and London


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Fuchsia paired vixens Jaden and London give us a good backside view of their round asses that are ready for some good slapping. Both girls have long black locks and they have contrasting skin colors. Jaden has white smooth skin that looks so hot when it gets oiled up for a naughty bedroom play. London is a black beauty who makes sure that you get good look on her big black booty. These girls can rock and shake your world in bed, giving you a double dose of excitement that you’ll never forget. Imagine putting you cock in between those cheeks… HOT!

Jesica and Carmen


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Can you estimate the time you’ll spend working on Jesica and Carmen in your very own bedroom? Unimaginable! These two big sized vamps are ready to give you one hell of a good time. Take one of them, for example, Jesica. With her full and round figure, she surely can wrestle you down the bed and ride your throbbing cock wildly. Or perhaps take Carmen; she’s just a bit smaller that her gal Jesica but she’ll work her way on your fantasies like an earthquake. These two bombshells posing their bums upclose to the camera are game for just anything.

Myesha and Baby


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Tagteam ladies Myesha and Baby will each have a fair share of black stud meat. Myesha has long black hair and a small frame to match, but her tight black pussy can sure open up wide to welcome any horny stud’s thick and cum-loaded cock. She gets man handled by her taker and Baby’s all cheery and excited to get her turn. From the looks of it, Baby is more of the aggressive type and has no hold barred in taking a nice piece of stud log in her pussy. She also has a fine piece of ass that can shake and wiggle as she gets plowed furiously.

Ebony and Laylani


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A pair of black bums are up and pushed out as we take on Ebony and Laylani. These two gals know how to have fun… and they don’t mind sharing one stud cock at the same time. It probably works for their wild fucker too who was a long black cock to fuck with. Laylani is all smiles as she gets her pussy hole stretched wide open with that tool’s width. I bet the friction that the cock is getting really is sensational. Ebony gives us a view of her black cunt that later on will be receiving some good drilling too.